Sun AT7280 Server

Sun AT7280 Server

Sun AT7280: The leading edge of IT

The Sun AT7280 server, known officially as the Sun SPARC Enterprise AT7280, is an industry-leading datacenter solution powered by long-awaited Sun UltraSPARC technology. The two-socket Sun AT7280, codenamed the Supernova Bronze-II during its development, is capable of handling 64 threads. We at Acclinet look forward to carrying the Sun AT7280.

If you're ready to learn more about the Sun SPARC Enterprise AT7280 and similar Sun systems, contact an Acclinet sales professional today by calling (888) 486-4948 today. Make sure to ask about the industry-best, 48-month warranties we offer on the Sun AT7280 servers we carry and other Sun Microsystems hardware.

Sun AT7280 Server Options:

Sun Fire AT7280 System Options
Sun AT7280 Spares & Upgrades Additional Upgrades & Options
Communication Sun Ethernet
Fibre Channel Sun Graphic
Removable Media Sun SCSI

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