Sun 220R Server

Sun 220R Server

Sun 220R | Sun Enterprise 220R Server

The Sun Enterprise 220R is a great all-around server for your computing needs. Each rackable Sun 220R system can hold up to two 450MHz UltraSPARC II processors, 2GB of memory, and 2 disks in 9GB, 18GB, and 36GB options. Because of its compact size, you can fit up to 10 220Rs into a standard 72inch cabinet. The Sun 220R is an affordable server that will scale with the requirements of your datacenter.

Sun 220R Options:

System Options CPU Modules
Memory Options Disk Options
Communication Sun Ethernet
Fibre Channel Sun Graphic
Removable Media Sun SCSI

Compatible Products
X7004A Sun Ultra Systems Memory 256-Mbyte Memory Expansion (2 x 128-Mbyte DIMMs) OEM ready - 04/97
X7003A Sun Ultra Systems Memory 128-Mbyte Memory Expansion (2 x 64-Mbyte DIMMs) OEM ready - 04/97
CPU and Motherboards
X1195A UltraSPARC-II 450MHz processor module with 4MB cache
Hard Drives
X5242A Internal 36.4-Gbyte, 10000 RPM UltraSCSI disk drive, 1" high
Power Supplies
X9684A Redundant power supply option for E420R and E220R
Spare Parts
X2132A SunPCi IIpro Coprocessor PCI option card, Celeron 733MHz CPU, 128MByte onboard memory (SODIMM), 24-bit graphics onboard, external ethernet connector, USB connector, HD15 video connector, serial and parallel connectors on second backplane, docs, Windows dr
X2136A SunPCi IIIpro,2100+/256MB(ATO)
X6746A Redundant FC 8-port switch includes 2 8-port fibre channel switches Documentation (Release Notes, Installation Guide, Sun Switch Configuration Guide, Sun Switch Trouble Shooting Guide and Admin GUI), CD containing Fibre Channel Switch Admin GUI, 19" rack
X7042A 128-Mbyte (1x128) SODIMM memory expansion for SunPCi II PCI opt card
X7044A 256-Mbyte (1x256) SODIMM memory expansion for SunPCi II PCI opt card
X7045A 512-Mbyte (1x512) SODIMM memory exp. for SunPCi IIpro PCI opt card
X7066A Opt 256MB Memory SunPCi-III
X7067A Opt 512MB Memory SunPCi-III
X9820A Fan tray x-option for the Sun Fire 280R server.
Removeable Media
X6168A Internal 10X DVD-ROM drive
X6286A 12GB 4mm DDS-3 internal tape for Ultra 150 and Netra 150 systems and Enterprise 250 & 450 systems
X6295A 20GB 4mm DDS-4 internal tape for Narrow SCSI interface

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